Bound 4 Life

I came to know about this movement, Bound 4 Life by Matt Lockett through Lou Engle at Kingdom Invasion 2017. This movement started;

After 50 days and nights of round-the-clock corporate prayer and fasting in 2004, a large group of prayer warriors, young and old alike, packed up their sleeping bags and headed to Washington, DC, filled with purpose and confidence that prayer could change the course of the nation. Their goal: To exalt JESUS in the nation’s capitol, the see ABORTION end, and to contend for GREAT AWAKENING in every sphere of society.
In a dream during that extended fast, one of the young leaders saw the image of thousands of mouths covered with tape inscribed with the word LIFE.

The Life Bands were conceived after confirmation from God when two young man approached Lou and encouraged to turn the life tape into wristbands so that they can start a Martin Luther King,Jr. movement to end abortion. Not only that, when the decision was made, someone wrote a check to pay for the first order of Life Bands. Talk about Divine Mobilization Tool!

This Life Band is not a fashion statement or meant to be a religious tool; by wearing this band, we make a commitment to pray daily for the ending of abortion, vote for candidates who are pro-life and obey God as He leads us into works of compassion and justice. You can get yours here.

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