Dreams – Part 1

Today, I woke up at 4am to spend time in prayer and reading His Word. I wanted to make good the resolution for this year. As I staggered my way to freshen myself, the dreams that I had awhile ago still lingered on. I seemed to be in both worlds. I started praying and asking God to reveal its meaning. Then the Holy Spirit, led me to the Scripture.

But before I could continue long, Mum called and said that Dad wasn’t feeling good and we had to bring him to the hospital. He was brought into the room for diagnosis. As I sat outside, my mind was still replaying the scenes from the dream and I kept asking God to show me its meaning.

Then I started reading the book, “From Darkness to Glorious Light” – The amazing true story of a Myanmese spirit worshipper turned evangelist. As I sank into Chapter 5, suddenly I knew in spirit that God was indeed trying to tell  me something…

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