Fasting: Rediscovering the Ancient Pathways

“Only the truly hungry will fast….”

This book is really a dear one to me, as it kind of started my next phase. I was so excited when I got this book (thanks to my best friend, Desmond who brought it from US) that I immediately told Michael. And this was his reply,

And bro! I share with great joy, “I CANNOT BE THE SAME ANY MORE, TOTALLY UNDONE” Not only did this book teach me a lot about fasting but it also kept nudging me into a deeper relationship with God. After reading the book through once, I was like “Wow! there is so much jewel in there!” I really had to read this book again and again before I became satisfied to write this post. Everytime, I watch Michael’s videos, there’s so much passion, conviction, honesty and love and that’s exactly what you get in the book as well. I’m just so thankful that God has connected me to this God-fearing brother (and many others) through whom I am learning a lot.

“Fasting is the offering up of our appetite and natural senses to Him who perfectly fills all that He might open them up and purify them so that we can house and become a living conduit of His Spirit and Kingdom.” – David Popovici, Kingdom Gospel Mission

Michael establishes a common ground by explaining what fasting is, why do we fast, what fasting does and our approach to fasting. I am sure, like me you will be thoroughly blessed. Grab your copy of Fasting: Rediscovering the Ancient Pathways (link to purchase paperback at Amazon) today! You can be sure, that he will challenge your idea of fasting. I also pray for everyone of you that you will go into a deeper yearning for God.

Check out his video series on Fasting with Daniel Kolenda

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