Is God talking to me?


Today, I wanted to share something that I heard John Paul Jackson (JPJ) share in one of his lessons in Dreams and Mysteries.

The world is full of distractions. We’ve scheduled every waking moment of our lives with something to do, somewhere to go. We’ve even filled the pauses and breaks in our lives with handheld technology. You aren’t created to be satisfied with this kind of life.

So this is what God does, He takes what you give Him. Sometimes He wait until you’re asleep. When the busyness of the world can’t distract, when your logical mind is at rest, then He gives you a dream. But not just a dream, an invitation to know more about Him, by revealing more about you.

It’s a message from eternity. It’s told at mysterious yet familiar language. Sometimes this message will stay with you your entire life. Sometimes forgotten by lunch. Sometimes it’s sealed for another time. Is God talking to you? YES!

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