Ministering to the House or to God?

Just few days ago, I was sharing with someone of the importance in our posture before God. How do we go before Him every morning? Seeking Him or Seeking ourselves? Watchman Nee, helps us to delve deep into this topic.

I fear very much that many lust for something of God yet do not want God Himself.

How do we minister to the Lord?
1. Draw near to the Lord. Come before Him, sit firmly before Him, and stand before Him. What does standing before Him means? It means, to wait for a command, to wait upon the Lord to speak His will. Standing means to not walk or move; it means to remain in a place, to stand still and wait for the Lord’s order.

How much you pray indicates how much inner strength you really possess. If we want to minister to the Lord in the Holy of Holies, we must spend time before the Lord and pray more. Otherwise, we will be inadequate. We need to pray to be ushered into God’s presence and to draw near to Him. Hence, to pray is to stand before God; it is to seek His will before Him.

Are you able to draw near to God in that, dim, quiet, and solitary sanctuary?

Two types of sin
1. Sin of rebellion. If He gives an order and you refuse to do it.
2. Sin of presumption. Doing something without the Lord’s command.
One ignores what the Lord has said; the other does what the Lord has not said. Standing before the Lord is the way to deal with the sin of doing what the Lord has not commanded.
We have only one goal, which is to minister to the Lord in the Holy Place.God desires to have those who will minister to Him directly and receive the commission by the Holy Spirit directly.

So then, do we forsake all the work on the outside? No, rather all the work on the outside should be based on our ministry to the Lord. We go forth, out from our ministry to the Lord, rather than out from our own desires, which have no basis in the ministry to the Lord.

Taken from Ministering to the House or to God by Watchman Nee.

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