My Bali Holiday

Finally, I was able to take some time off (1 week) to go on a holiday with mum and brother to Bali. It was a really great time as I got to wind down and spend some quality time with family. Yes, this will be the first time I’m posting pictures of my mum and brother.

As the objective of the trip was to really venture out, we got a pretty decent hotel in the course of our stay. We booked 3 different hotels as we were venturing the south, and central parts of Bali.

Usually when I go on trips, I would get a bit adventurous and try out some thrilling activities and since mum was on this trip I thought I wouldn’t do so but hey, she did paragliding with me! We spent the first half of the week at Nusa Dua doing some water sports; Jetski, Banana boat and Paragliding. This was one of the key highlights in this trip.

And then the second half, off to Kuta! Walked around some beaches and malls… And street shopping of course!

Hope to share more exciting trips in the upcoming posts!

Take care, love Jacob

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