Perspective: WWJD

Hi everyone! I want to share about something that will help us in our daily life. Yesterday, a friend shared that someone was very frustrated about how he had to do everything and the conversation didn’t really end on a positive feel. I was asking God what should I do, please enlighten me. 

At that moment, an enlightenment came. God said if truly you are rooted in me, my love, then… we wouldn’t say “I’m so frustrated! Why does it have to be always me doing this?!” We wouldn’t give place unnecessarily to negative emotions but in love, we would instead say “I’m feeling overwhelmed, could you help me?” 

One creates a tense and rather a negative vibe but the other creates a calm and positive vibe. Let’s not give ourselves to emotions and heat of the moment but stop and let God help us convey in the right manner.

Love and blessings

Jacob isaac 

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