Pray! Ekballo!

So excited to read this book. After many days and even weeks deciding where God was leading me, Pray! Ekballo! provided me direction. I always knew the call but wasn’t able to start on it and this is where I was able to start. In this book Lou Engle shares his heart for the next great revival and awakening by a new breed/generation. And as mentioned in his book, we need fervent prayers to be made to support the work.

But, I contend, our missionary zeal has not been properly bathed in prayer, which, according to Jesus, is the resourcing instrument for all mission endeavors.

Let us then come in unison praying for every remaining unreached people group (UPG) that they may know Christ. Since mission was always in my mind, I never really payed a good attention to prayer till Daniel’s “Your Kingdom Come” and now this book. It is really pertinent that we pray and ask God to awaken/revive the hearts of our people.

Not enough laborers equals not enough prayer.

Pray (prayer movement) the Lord of the Harvest to ekballo (missions movement) laborers. As I read through, I could feel the tug in my heart to just kneel down and commit myself to prayer. God is awesome and He knows the right timing to get us.

“Andrew Murray has pointed out, on the strength of this verse (Matthew 9:38), that the number of missionaries on the field depends entirely on the extent to which someone obeys that command and prays out the laborers; and the Lord had called Mr. Howells to do this.”

Replace Mr.Howells with your name now, The Lord has called you to Pray! I urge you my dear brothers and sisters to read this book if you’re interested in missions, prayer or even at the point of seeking for directions! You can buy the book here.

About Lou Engle
Lou Engle is an intercessor for revival, visionary and co-founder of TheCall prayer assemblies.

For more than three decades, Lou’s passion has been calling believers into a life of passionate devotion to Jesus, prayer, fasting and following the voice of The Lord. Lou has helped plant two churches, established prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer. He was the founder of the Justice House of Prayer D.C. and the pro-life ministry Bound 4 Life.

Lou has been married to his amazing wife Therese for 34 years and they have 7 wonderful children.

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