Reading books at one sitting

First of all, congratulations on picking up this great habit of reading books! You’ve taken the first step of getting the book in your hands (literally)  then what next? Get rid of distractions. It’s always a challenge to try finish reading (and when I say read, I mean you are truly able to understand and take hold of what the author is saying) a book at one sitting. But persevere guys! I know how you feel. Many times I’ve faced this struggle of having a book in my hand and then boarding a bus wanting to read but you know… people, noises, WhatsApp, etc starts to distract you. (of course, there are really those disciplined people out there who are able to concentrate amongst the noises still) I’ve found the best way for me (I really welcome your ideas and suggestions) is to usually read in a quiet environment where I can better understand what the author is saying otherwise I end up reading the book again and again to get the point. Some people say morning are the best time yet some evening, I’ve got not much on this as I really believe it really differs person to person. Some say what about reading books in chapters whenever you get time? Well if you can remember what you read in the previous chapter, why not. Reading more than a book at one time? If you’re not going to get confused by the storyline then yes go ahead otherwise refrain from doing that. I just want to encourage you today that now you’ve started this good habit, carry on!

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