Translating God: Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself and the World Around You

I got Shawn’s new book, “God Secrets” and was about to start reading it and realised, I should instead start with his earlier book, “Translating God: Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself and the World Around You”. Shawn’s belief that everyone can hear from God echoes throughout this book. Of course, there are things that he shares which helps us in this gifting. We need to first understand God’s nature and be like Him. To love everyone, regardless of who and how they are at present.

The goal of revelation is so simple: See what God sees, hear what God hears, and speak what God speaks so we can all love the way God loves.

I wish to share some excerpts from the book which spoke to me and hope you too will be blessed.

God loved the whole world so much that he sent Jesus to reconnect to humanity and to his creation. Jesus didn’t come to convict the world of what it was doing wrong, he came to put the world back to its right state again—to its connection to God and his original plan. When you start to look around and see everyone as part of this redemptive plan, you begin to fall in love. When Jesus loved the world through his physical form, he didn’t come with fragmented thinking about why he was coming. He wasn’t in hidden judgement to the world; he was in visible love with it.

This quote spoke volume of how God loves and values each one of us, His creation and His masterpiece. It gives me a new perspective to not look at where we are now (each one of us may be) but where we will be in His glory!

You will never have authority over what you do not love… The prophetic sees people in their full value, and when there is so much passion in God’s heart for them, our hearts have a hard time focusing on the negative in them. We grow in authority to reach people of authority by seeing God’s value of them and seeing them as worthy.

I remember a junior telling me that he hated men because of their doings and all. He said that it wasn’t he hated people in particular but having seen time and again what and how people behaved, he develop this kind of “strong dislike” (I couldn’t agree with him on this point either). But this quote totally gives a perfect answer to what we must do.

Your goal in giving revelation to others should be to encourage them that they aren’t just good runners in a race, but that they are worthy of the first place prize.

How many times have we done this or people whom we know have done this? This really challenges me to take a good look when I too share with people; how I can help them overcome their obstacles that would keep them from God’s blessings.

Through this book, I also learned the difference between, Word of Wisdom, Gift of Prophecy and Words of Knowledge. Through and through, Shawn calls us to a deeper relationship with God, His Character and love to all people.

Thank you Shawn! Look out for my sharing on his next book, “God’s Secrets”.

Love and blessings

Jacob Isaac

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