Your Kingdom Come

This is one of the books that I had to keep reading again and again as there were new things that God spoke each time I read. It was always something new! Indeed as Daniel shares, prayer and evangelism goes hand in hand.

Without intercession covering the work of the evangelists, they will not have the steam in their engines to reap this gigantic harvest that is now ripe and ready. Without evangelism and real world impact, intercession lacks purpose and relevance. But together they a dynamic and revolutionary combination that has the potential to change the world!

It is so much easier to get so carried away with other things in lives than to sit down and pray. Just think about it. How many excuses comes up when we try to pray?

“Fervent prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.” The prayers of the believers were the power that loosen the chains, removed the obstructions, and opened even the most impenetrable doors.

There is a saying that prayer doesn’t change things, it only changes the person praying. I really thank Daniel for highlighting that prayer does change situations because God has made us partners with Him. Prayer is one fundamental way in which we partner with God. The promises of God can be taken a hold of through earnest faith and prayer!

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

Do we choose to involve God in every aspect of our lives?

Praying with faith and expectancy will always attract the presence and power of God. Please get a copy of this book (buy here), let your prayer life never be the same again!

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